Mens League (Wednesdays)

2023 Fees:

  • Members:  $250 + GST = $262.50
  • Non-members:  $625 + GST = $656.25
  • Fees are non-refundable. If you need to pull out of Mens League it is your responsibility to find a replacement and collect the appropriate fees from them
  • Weekly 9 hole Power Cart:  $14+tax = $14.70
  • Yearly League power cart (9 holes):  $175 + GST = $183.75

2023 Mens League Includes:

  • 18 weeks of golf – Wednesday May 3- Aug 30
  • Team match play:  16 teams of 8 players
  • Returning to Shotgun Starts (ranging from 5:30-7:00pm based on daylight hours)
  • Weekly skill competitions (deuce pot, closest to the pin, closest to the target, longest putt, hole-in-one)
  • Demo days on select days
  • Team Shirts provided (extra shirts are $36.75 each)
  • Power cart discounts:  $14.70 for 9 holes
  • Handicap tracking (mens league handicaps are required)
  • Results are emailed and posted on the website each week

2023 Registration Time line:

  • Feb 1st  Registration opens
  • Feb 28th  Teams must be fully registered and all players paid or non-payed players will be removed and new players will be added at the pro-shops discretion
  • March 1  Open to public.  New players will be added to teams that are not fully registered and paid.

2023 Schedule:

  • Week 1:   Meet and play with your own team – no competition
  • Week 2-14:   Regular season round robin
  • Week 15-17:    First 3 weeks of playoffs (all teams make playoffs)
  • Week 18:   Closing banquet, playoff finals, team scramble event

2022 Mens League Fescue Bowl Champions

Congratulations to BUSHWOOD: Tim Lindberg, Marty Chisholm, Bob Shields, Colin Forster, Joe Best, Darren Emes, Rick Lalonde, Carey Dumonceux

Mens League Committee

Any future changes, decisions or rulings will go through the committee.

MENS LEAGUE SPONSOR - (Thanks Jay Nyholt!)

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