Improve your game at The Canal at Delacour

Head Professional, Bob Davidchuk, provides our members and guests a wonderful learning experience to maximize their playing potential.

Bob Davidchuk – Head Professional

Celebrating 30 years as a PGA of Canada “Class A” Golf Professional


Phone:  (403) 590-4515

Golf Career at a Glance:

  • Started playing golf at age of 6. Played competitive Junior, High School, and College golf
  • PGA of Canada member since 1992
  • Professional Club fitter.
  • Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Calgary
  • Associate in Science Degree from Wallace State College, AL
  • Certified GOLFTEC Personal Coach (2018), GTU, Denver, CO
  • Participant in the 2005 Tiger Woods Invitational at the Magna Golf Club, Toronto, ON
  • Created a Golf Fitness program with Dr. Randy Gregg at the Edmonton Sport Institute in 1995
  • Member of 2 NJCAA golf teams (Wallace State, AL, Scottsdale,AZ) (1988-90)
  • Thousands of lesson taught at a variety of facilities across Alberta over the past 3 decades
  • Specializes in coaching and golf swing technique.  Combined with short game, golf fitness programs and on-course strategy, Bob has helped thousands of students play better golf over the years.

Teaching Philosophy:

Lessons are specific with each individual client.  We will work on the areas of your game that need the most work.  We start with knowledge (clearly understanding the concepts). Then we incorporate swing drills so you can start feeling the correct method.  Finally you will need to practice the drills to improve your swing and gain confidence.

Golf Coaching Programs

Programs are built towards helping clients maximize their performance regardless their physical or mental ability.

Private Lessons (1 on 1)

Semi-Private and Group Lessons (2-5 golfers)

Fitness for golf Training (warm-up, flexibility, strength, endurance, power)

Golf Clinics (2 hours) (4-6 golfers)

Short game Lessons

On Course Training – 9 hole playing lessons

Our dedicated professional will help clients build Consistent Golf Performance.

Bob Davidchuk Program Pricing


Private Lessons (60 Minutes)

SINGLE LESSON:   Public $100  Members  $90

SERIES OF 3 LESSONS:  Public $95 per lesson  Members  $85 per lesson

SERIES OF 5 LESSONS:  Public $90 per lesson  Members $80 per lesson

Semi-Private and Group Lessons  (60 minutes)

2-3 golfers:   Public  $180/hour    Members $160/hour

4-5 golfers:    Public  $200/hour   Members $180/hour

6-8 golfers:    Public  $225/hour   Members $200/hour

9 hole Playing Lessons (2 hours)

Public   $175   Members  $150

Public players also pay 9 hole green fee

Golf Clinics (2 hours) – (4-6 students) Full Swing tips and Short game tips

Public   $60/student   Members  $150/student

Juniors (17 and under)  – Receive 25% off all lesson programs

Lessons are booked by appointment.


Located at the junction of highway 564 (Country Hills Blvd) and Range Road 280

Dress code in effect for all golf lessons

Contact us to book your Lesson

Bob Davidchuk – Head Golf Professional 

Phone:  (403) 590-4515 work

Email:  bob@thecanalatdelacour.com 

Teaching Availability

Below is a list of CLOSED TIMES for teaching due to leagues, range maintenance, and busy range times

Weekend mornings (8am-12pm) (busy times)

Tuesday evenings (5:00pm – 6pm) (ladies league)

Wednesday afternoons (2:00pm-10:00pm) (mens league, range maintenance)

Lessons are booked by appointment.

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