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Bob Davidchuk – Golf Coach

PGA of Canada Golf Professional

Golf Career at a Glance:

  • Started playing golf at age of 6. Played competitive Junior, High School, and College golf
  • CPGA member since 1992 with 14 of the past 20 years specialized in teaching
  • Professional Club fitter.
  • Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Calgary
  • Associate in Science Degree from Wallace State College, AL
  • Certified GOLFTEC Personal Coach, GTU, Denver, CO
  • Participant in the 2005 Tiger Woods Invitational at the Magna Golf Club, Toronto, ON
  • Created a Golf Fitness program with Dr. Randy Gregg at the Edmonton Sport Institute in 1995
  • Member of 2 NJCAA golf teams (Wallace State, AL, Scottsdale,AZ)

Private lesson (45 minutes each)

Work 1 on 1 with a PGA of Canada golf professional. Work on you swing, short game, putting, on-course skills and improve your game!

Public Members
Single lesson $90 $80
Series of 3 $255 $225
Series of 5 $400 $350

Private lessons are booked by appointment.
Juniors (ages 17 and under) receive 25% off

Coaching Programs

Take a 10, 15 or 20 Coaching Program and maximize your learning experience.  Programs include lessons on your swing, short game, on-course lessons, video swing analysis, club fitting, and fitness and mental components based on your needs.

Public Members
Bronze Program 10 lessons $1000 $800
Silver Program 15 lessons $1400 $1200
Golf Program 20 lessons $1800 $1600

Couples and Group Lessons

Form your own group and learn together. Working around your schedule our PGA of Canada professional will take you through the fundamentals of the golf swing and/or the short game.

Prices per person

Single Series of 3 Series of 5
Group of 2 $60 $170 $250
Group of 3 $50 $140 $200
Group of 4 $40 $110 $150
Group of 5+ $35 $95 $125

Group lessons are booked by appointment.
Juniors (ages 17 and under) receive 25% off

Video Swing Analysis

1. A slow motion video recording of your golf swing from the front view and down-the line view with a digital camera.
2. Review of your swing with the Golf Professional
3. Receive an email of your swing with a few tips from the pro to identify your strengths and weaknesses

Video Swing Analysis (30 minutes)   $50
Video lessons are booked by appointment

Playing Lessons

We will work on your club selection, shot making, different lies, mental strategies, and course management skills.
Learn how to SCORE better!

Public Member
9 holes $150  $100
18 holes $250 $200

Playing lessons are given during non-prime time.  (Usually evenings)

Playing lessons include green fee and cart.

Golf Clinics (2 hours)

The golf clinics are designed to help improve KEY FUNDAMENTALS of the Full Swing or Short Game.

Public Members
2 hour clinic

(full swing or short game)

$50 per person $40 per member

Get a group of 4 – 6 people
Coordinate your dates and times with the pro
Have fun and Improve your game!
Sign up at the Pro-shop or email bob@thecanalatdelacour.com

Teaching Availability

Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Available 12:00pm-8:00pm 10:00am- 2:00pm 10:00am-2:00pm 2pm-8:00pm 10:00am- 8:00pm 10:00am- 6:00pm

Lessons are booked by appointment.  I will teach outside of the times listed above in certain circumstances based on how busy I am in the pro-shop.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is quite simple.  I teach the basic fundamentals of the set up, the swing and the finish position.  I strive to get my students to understand the fundamentals and use them to create control of their shots and increase power.  I also suggest practice drills and swing thoughts that will create desired movements.   The most important thing for the student to do after each lesson is to practice!  The more you do, the better you become!

What you can expect from your lessons

  • A detailed interview where we will discuss your current golf game
    • what type of golfer are you (casual to elite)
    • your strengths
    • your weaknesses
    • your current ball flight
    • your desired ball flight
    • your lesson history and questions about your practice habits
    • injuries or physical limitations
    • a quick assessment of your equipment
    • and finally your GOALS!
  • Creating a game plan to help you meet your goals.
    • a program that addresses your needs and budget
  • Sequential lessons that systematically work on your swing and short game.
    • lessons on the fundamentals of the golf swing
    • lessons on short game (putting, chipping, pitching, and sand)
    • iPhone video capture to see feedback on your swing (emailed to you upon request)
    • simple drills provided to help you improve your swing patterns
    • learn how to practice properly and create a practice routine
    • learn fitness for golf to improve your flexibility, strength, power and endurance
    • on course skills and strategies
  • Personalized Qualified Instruction
    • 28 years experience with over 5000 lessons taught
    •  friendly and relaxed environment in all lessons
    • all ages and abilities are welcome
    • a variety of programs available to suit your needs

Golf swing Fundamentals

Set up position

  • a proper grip
  •  the proper stance and ball position for all clubs in the bag
  • proper posture
  • alignment to determine your swing path

Finish position

  • a consistent balanced finish position on every swing

Dynamic Motion (Swing Instruction)

  • hand path (swing plane, out to in or in to out)
  • club face to path relationship (club face open or closed relative to the path)
  • turns of the body (creates power, assists with proper path)
  • tilts of the body (maintains the inclination to the ground)
  • sways of the body (controls the low point of the swing allowing for good ball contact)
  • bends of the body (creates power)
  • wrist hinges (controls the club face and club path)

Hit it closer to the pin!

Please practice...but save the grass!


All lessons are at The Canal at Delacour Golf Club

Located at the junction of highway 564 (Country Hills Blvd) and Range Road 280

Dress code in effect for all golf lessons

Call (403) 590-4515 and ask for Bob Davidchuk

Email:  bob@thecanalatdelacour.com

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