Maintenance Updates


December, 2020

The golf course has been successfully put to bed for the season.

A Maintenance questionnaire was sent out this fall to our members.  Thank you for all your feedback!

The Driving Range should be ready for Spring 2021

Off season project include:

  • Reconstruction of the rock face in front of #15 green
  • Adding a new Black tee box on #15
  • Removing trees to the right of #2
  • Adding new metal hole signs on the tee box rocks

Flag System

Red Flag – Front pin



White Flag – Middle pin



Blue Flag – Back pin



Power Cart Damage

  • Keep power cart  ON the CART PATH or ON the FAIRWAYS at all times!
    • Keep power carts Out of the ROUGH and OFF the MOUNDS at all times!
    • Power carts cause significant damage to our golf course, especially when it is wet.  Please use cart paths and fairways whenever possible.
    • Power carts cause extreme damage to fescue grasses.  We enforce our policy of keeping carts out of the fescue at all time.
    • Keep power carts at least 15 yards away from all tee boxes and greens to protect these surfaces.
    • For your safety, keep power carts off the mounds and away from bunkers.

Do your part!

Please do your part in keeping the golf course in great shape for other golfers.

  • Ball Marks
    • Always repair your ball marks.  Unrepaired ball marks will cause the grass to die and cause bumpy putting surfaces.  Please ensure that all golfers in your group repair their ball marks too.
  • Divots in the fairway
    • Please repair your divots.  If your divot comes out in one piece, pick it up and replace it in the hole and then step on it.  If your divot is not in one piece, please fill the divot with sand provided on the power carts and pull carts.
  • Our Bunkers
    • We have 74 bunkers on the property.  Please rake your footprints neatly so other golfers do not end up in your footprints.  Rakes should be placed outside the bunkers.
  • Bug Spray impact
    • Aerosol bug sprays kill grass.  If you are using an aerosol bug spray please apply it on a cart path or in the parking lot.  Do Not apply it near any grass.

Driving Range care

In order to maximize the turf on the driving range, we ask that golfers pay attention to their divot patterns.  Please use the Linear Pattern seen here

April 12, 2019, 10:00am
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