Maintenance Updates


April 23rd, 2019

The golf course opened on April 18th.  As many of you have been able to enjoy a few rounds of golf over the past week, you have probably noticed that course conditions have not improved, but instead have worsened.
After meeting with Jay and Doug this morning, the decision has been made to close the course, EFFECTIVE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24th for the immediate future. The upcoming forecast looks awful with the calling of rain and snow, daytime highs in the single digits, and overnight lows reaching -6, which can drop even lower when factoring in potential wind chill.
We do have serious damage to several of our greens, primarily affecting the front third, as water is pooling underneath, and basically suffocating these areas. The drains for these greens have not yet released, as they are still frozen, and as more frost comes out of the ground, this moisture has no place to go.
We will be spraying all greens with fungicide, and then re-tarping several of them, in hopes of protecting and regenerating growth. Spraying and tarping will begin tomorrow.
I know this is not the email everyone was expecting, nor is it one we wanted to be writing, but we need to ensure that we are not sacrificing our course conditions for the year, just so we squeeze in a few extra rounds in April.
Please reach out to myself, or Jay, if you have any questions or concerns.
As soon as we know of a re-open date, we will let everyone know.
Scott Fraser
Director of Operations
The Canal at Delacour GC

2019 Flag System

Red Flag – Front pin

Green Flag – Middle pin

Blue Flag – Back pin

Power Cart Damage

  • For the 2019 season, keep power cart  ON the CART PATH or ON the FAIRWAYS at all times!
    • Power carts cause significant damage to our golf course, especially when it is wet.  Please use cart paths and fairways whenever possible.  Hole #3 is cart path only at all times due to local soil conditions.
    • Power carts cause extreme damage to fescue grasses.  We enforce our policy of keeping carts out of the fescue at all time.
    • Keep power carts at least 15 yards away from all tee boxes and greens to protect these surfaces.
    • For your safety, keep power carts off the mounds and away from bunkers.

What can YOU do to help?

  • Ball Marks
    • Please repair your ball marks.  Unrepaired ball marks will cause the grass to die and cause bumpy putting surfaces.  Please ensure that all golfers in your group repair their ball marks
  • Divots in the fairway
    • Please repair your divots.  If your divot comes out in one piece, pick it up and replace it in the hole and then step on it.  If your divot is not in one piece, please fill the divot with sand provided on the power carts and pull carts.
  • Our Bunkers
    • We have 74 bunkers on the property.  Please rake your footprints neatly so other golfers do not end up in your footprints.  Rakes should be placed outside the bunkers.
  • Bug Spray impact
    • Aerosol bug sprays kill grass.  If you are using an aerosol bug spray please apply it on a cart path or in the parking lot.  Do Not apply it near any grass.

Driving Range care

In order to maximize the turf on the driving range, we ask that golfers pay attention to their divot patterns.  Please use the Linear Pattern seen to the right.

April 12, 2019, 10:00am
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