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Golf Handicaps – Golf Canada

All members of The Canal at Delacour Golf Club are set up on Golf Canada to track their handicaps

Official handicaps are required for all member tournaments. Please enter all your scores into the system so your handicap is current and accurate. Please find the link below:

For any members that do not plan on playing any member tournaments and do not want to track their handicap, please let Bob or Scott know and we will take you off our Golf Canada handicap list. This will save us $36 per person that does not use this service. Thank you

2019 Annual Golf Memberships

Annual Restricted and Unrestricted memberships are now on sale. We have a pay structure where if you pay early you save money! Call the pro-shop for more information.

NEW: We have added Food and Beverage annual minimums this year. Unrestricted $150 Restricted $100 Paid with your annual dues

Also available – Equity memberships, Canal Club membership, Corporate memberships

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